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4 Reasons You Need a Private Vitamin Blood Profile Test

Amish Patel - January 5, 2023 - 0 comments

Have you been feeling lethargic or unwell lately? You might have a vitamin deficiency!

If our bodies aren’t getting enough vitamins daily, this can affect our energy levels, mood, and overall healthy causing us to feel tired and even depressed.

A vitamin blood profile test is an easy way to check the levels of your body’s essential vitamins. It analyses three different biomarkers: vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin B9.

For example, a lack of vitamin B12 can cause extreme fatigue or headaches, and a lack of vitamin D can lead to bone weakness.

For the convenience of our customers at Intrigue Health, we offer private blood testing in Gravesend, Longfield, Dartford, and Kent at affordable prices. Schedule your appointment for a private blood test to check for any vitamin deficiencies at a time that’s convenient for you, no need to wait for the NHS to make your appointment – months out.

Certain vitamin deficiencies can result in serious health problems, so it helps to detect these deficiencies as early as possible.  

Here are 4 Reasons You Need a Vitamin Blood Profile Test

1. Vitamins Improve Quality of Life

A vitamin blood profile test will show which vitamins you are deficient in. After the blood testing, we can recommend some dietary and lifestyle changes that will improve your quality of life.

2. Helps to Prevent Serious Diseases

If you have extremely low levels of certain vitamins in your body, this can lead to future health problems. Detecting vitamin deficiencies early on can help to reduce the risk of serious diseases by giving you the chance to make dietary and lifestyle changes. We can recommend supplements wherever necessary.

3. Increased Convenience and Comfort

Visit us at Intrigue Health and schedule your private blood test for a Vitamin Blood Profile Test. No need to keep waiting for an appointment with your GP. Our trusted team will perform the blood test in a comfortable and safe environment, you’ll be done and out the door before you know it.

4. Get Results Fast

At Intrigue Health, you will get a quick turnaround for your test results. Our qualified team will explain the reports and recommend changes which means you’ll be able to begin improving your vitamin levels right away by adjusting your diet, taking supplements, and starting healthy lifestyle habits.

Not only can you increase your energy and improve your mood by measuring your vitamin levels, but, additionally, any ailments can be understood and treated, and many diseases can be prevented.

If you have any questions regarding having a vitamin blood test, then please contact us anytime at Intrigue Health in South London, and we’d be happy to assist.

Visit us online to schedule your private blood test in Longfield, Gravesend, Kent, or Dartford.

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