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Private Blood Tests for Cardiovascular Health and Risk Assessment

Amish Patel - September 22, 2023 - 0 comments

Your blood provides your doctor clues about your overall health as well as your heart health. For example, if you have high cholesterol or other particular substances in your blood, that may be an indicator that you’re at high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

If your healthcare has prescribed blood tests to check on your heart health, book your appointment at Intrigue Health for private blood testing in Medway. We offer private blood tests for cardiovascular disease in Medway, Kent, Dartford, and Bexley.

It’s important to remember that one blood test alone won’t accurately assess your risk of heart disease – your doctor will likely prescribe a variety of blood tests to get a full overview of your heart health.

Here’s a look at some of the private blood tests in Medway and our other branches that are offered for cardiovascular health and risk assessment.

Get Private Blood Testing in Medway at Intrigue Health

Almost every molecule in your blood can be measured by a blood test, giving you a snapshot of your health at any point in time. If you are at high risk of cardiovascular disease, these are the most commonly offered private blood tests in Medway to diagnose heart disease.

  • Cholesterol test
  • High-sensitivity C-reactive protein
  • Lipoprotein (a)
  • Plasma ceramides
  • Natriuretic peptides
  • Troponin T

If you have a higher than normal likelihood of developing heart disease, the best way to check is by getting private blood testing in Medway at an Intrigue Health clinic to catch any health risks before they become serious.

What Is Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a disease of the blood vessels and/or heart. Blood flow to the heart, brain or body can be reduced due to a build-up of fatty deposits inside the arteries which causes it to harden and narrow. This can lead to heart attack and stroke.

How To Improve Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide, and it’s easily preventable by changing your lifestyle and managing risk factors. The fastest way to improve cardiovascular health is to make simple lifestyle changes. Start by making the following lifestyle changes if you have heart disease to prevent becoming a statistic.

How to improve cardiovascular health:

  • Stay active to keep your heart strong.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet.
  • Get plenty of sleep to keep your body well-rested.
  • Don’t stress.

For Private Blood Testing in Longfield, Visit an Intrigue Health Clinic

The importance of blood tests for cardiovascular health and risk assessment shouldn’t be underestimated. Visit an Intrigue Health Clinic for private blood testing in Longfield or any of our South London locations.

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