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What is the Cost of Earwax Removal in Kent?

Amish Patel - May 10, 2024 - 0 comments

Blockage in your ears due to excessive earwax can be uncomfortable. It can affect your hearing, create a feeling of fullness, and occasionally lead to discomfort or pain.

Earwax removal offers a simple solution that helps reduce these symptoms and restore your ear health. Whether it’s causing you discomfort, affecting your ability to hear clearly, or just giving you a sense of blockage, getting professional earwax removal can be a real relief.

By clearing the wax, you’ll be able to hear better, feel more comfortable, and even reduce the risk of ear infections. But how much does professional earwax removal cost? Let’s discuss this in detail.

How to Remove Earwax Naturally?

While there are numerous home remedies for managing earwax, it’s vital to proceed with caution to avoid damaging the sensitive structures of the ear. Here are 3 safe methods to remove earwax naturally-

  • Saline Solution- Softening earwax with a simple saline solution can help it exit the ear naturally.
  • Olive Oil- A few drops of warm olive oil can soften the wax, making it easier to remove.
  • Ear Wax Removal Kit- Over-the-counter kits often include drops and tools designed to soften and gently remove wax without invasive procedures.

What is the Best Earwax Removal Method?

Microsuction earwax removal is considered one of the safest and most effective methods for removing earwax. It’s a gentle procedure where a small vacuum clears the wax from your ear. This allows for a precise and thorough cleaning, greatly reducing the risk of any damage to the ear canal or eardrum. It’s a comfortable and reliable choice for keeping your ears clear.

How Long Does Dizziness Last After Earwax Removal?

If you feel dizzy after having earwax removed, it’s usually nothing to worry about and tends to go away within a few hours. But if the dizziness hangs around longer than that, it’s a good idea to get it checked. It will determine if the dizziness is a normal response to the procedure or if something else might be going on.

How Much Does Earwax Removal Cost in Kent?

At Intrigue Health, we understand the importance of clear hearing and the discomfort earwax can cause. Therefore, we offer competitively priced services for your ears’ needs-

  • Consultation fee (if no wax is found)- £20
  • Ear Microsuction for one ear- £50
  • Ear Microsuction for both ears- £80

Our team uses state-of-the-art microsuction technology to ensure a safe, quick, and effective removal process.

Earwax Removal in Kent – Your Path to Clearer Hearing

At Intrigue Health, we provide a comfortable, effective earwax removal service that helps you return to a world of clearer hearing.

Book an appointment to visit us to experience the relief that comes with expert earwax removal.

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