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Why is Ear Microsuction Better Than Ear Syringing?

Amish Patel - February 10, 2023 - 0 comments

Microsuction and Ear Syringing are two standard ear wax removal methods that help you hear more clearly.

Microsuction is now considered the safer and more effective way of removing that excessive ear wax because during the procedure the device does not actually touch the sensitive part of the ear, thus reducing the chance of damage to the eardrum.

85% of wax removal specialists, including Intrigue Health Earwax Removal Clinic, recommend Microsuction as a safer way to remove earwax buildup. Visit our Ear Wax Removal Clinics in Bexley, Medway, and Gravesend to get professional assistance in clearing your ears so you’ll feel and hear better.

In this blog, we explain why ear microsuction is better than ear syringing. To learn more, keep reading.

The Difference Between Ear Syringing and Microsuction

Ear Syringing

Ear Syringing removes the wax from the ear by using an electric pump set to the correct water pressure which squirts warm water into your ear canal gently to flush the ear wax out. This procedure loosens the softened warm wax, which then falls out with the water.


Microsuction is a safe and gentle way of removing any excess buildup in the ears.

During the treatment, the doctor removes excess ear wax using a compact suction device while looking into your ear. They look into your ear with a binocular microscope which offers a really clear view of the ear canal, making it easier to get rid of the ear wax with low-pressure suction.

 Why Is Ear Syringing No Longer the Main Way to Remove Ear Wax?

This way of removing wax is no longer used because it can damage the central part of the ear and its canal. Ear Syringing can be a hazardous procedure if not done properly because it is difficult to control the amount of water that went into the ears, which caused problems in some patients.

Benefits of Ear Microsuction

The benefits of Microsuction are:

1. It is over 90% effective in removing ear wax.

2. Safer than ear syringing

3. A quicker removal process

4. Doesn’t cause any moisture in the ear

Ear Microsuction Side Effects

Common side effects of ear micro-suction are dizziness, faintness, or vertigo during the short procedure. However, these are short-lived and you will feel better within a few minutes.

For more information about our Intrigue Health private ear syringing services and Microsuction,

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